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A synergistic service industry collective operating in the UAE since 2007 in the fields of real estate, construction, facility management, engineering, and IT.

About Gravity Group

Holistic Award-Winning Services Across Multiple Industries

Gravity Group was founded in 2007 to complement the widely successful Gravity Real Estate with supporting services.

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Gravity Group's Industries

Each of our companies was formed as part of a synergistic and holistic strategy. Below are the industries we operate in and the respective brand that operates in said field.

Another industry leader, Gravity Facility Management offers high-caliber facility management services ranging from interior fit-out, MEP, landscaping, and consulting services. The company prides itself on providing clients with a superior customer experience paired with state-of-the-art technical delivery.

M&A provides a wide range of interior design, architectural design, contracting and consulting services that encompass everything, from residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The company provides turnkey solutions for key industry organizations, governmental authorities, as well as local and international companies. With it’s ability to swiftly work around structural constraints and make the optimal use of budget allowances, there isn’t a better design company to take your projects on.

SELEX aids greatly in the smooth and seamless functioning of Gravity Real Estate with its on-demand, AC & Electrical equipment installation and maintenance services. The company also provides a range of sanitary services such as pool cleaning and maintenance services as well as facility cleaning services.

Gravity Real Estate sits at the helm of our group. Offering everything from property brokerage services, property management services, and rental and sales services for commercial and residential properties, Gravity Real Estate has served the Emirati real estate industry for years and has gradually emerged as the leading real estate agency in Abu Dhabi.

Wood Worx is an up-and-coming carpentry and joinery company that manually manufactures spectacular and custom-made wooden items ranging from doors, furniture, wardrobes/cupboards, and wall claddings. Encompassing the entire carpentry customer journey, Wood Worx handles the whole process and requires that clients contribute only with their ideas and desires. Their services include designing, executing, moving, fitting, fixing, as well as refurbishing all wooden items. The company distinguishes itself by the great value for money it offers its customers, as well as its unmatched attention to detail, and stunning fast delivery.

The MOB Construction is the newest addition to our group and provides clientele with superior construction services ranging from feasibility studies, project execution, and site supervision. With a robust network of the UAE’s leading experts and close-nit relationships with key authorities, there are no obstacles that will stand in your way when you are with The MOB.

Gravity IT Solutions is a multifaceted IT agency that provides a range of services including web and mobile app development services, CCTV and surveillance services, as well as telecommunications solutions and IT consultancy services.